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Floor Mounted Dual Stand DR system


● Flexible configuration solutions, wireless FPD or dual FPD

● Cesium iodide digital flat panel detector and industry X-ray tube

● Symphony type acquisition software having better image quality and faster imaging process

● 50KW high frequency high voltage generator imported with original packaging and integrated with workstation

Floor Mounted Tube Stand

● X-ray tube vertical travel: 150cm

● X-ray tube rotation: ±135°

● Convenient button release magnetic lock that controls tube vertical, horizontal and rotation movements

Wall Stand

● Free standing balance column

● Bucky vertical travel: 150 cm

● Heavy duty 17” × 17” (43cm×43cm)Bucky, 14” × 17” (35cm×43cm) rotation Bucky with heavy duty cassette tray

● Power-off magnetic lock, locking up at any position

6-way Float Top Elevating Table  

● Table Min. height: 50 cm

● Bucky longitudinal travel: 50 cm with X-ray tube auto tracing

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