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Since its commencement in 1996, WIKKON has been working consistently with the urology community to ensure continuous improvement within ESWL solutions. HK.ESWL-Vm is the newest masterpiece. This latest lithotripter is not only compact and portable but extremely accurate and easy to use.



Durable electromagnetic shockwave generator Consistent and accurate delivery of shock wave energy
Minimum daily maintenance
Unique motorized shockwave head allows above or under-table treatment Maximum patient comfort
Flexible & easy targeting
User-friendly remote and table-side controls
Compact and all-on-wheel design
Hassle-free operation
Light-weight & Portable
Comfortable and multifunctional table ideal for ESWL and endourological procedures Perfect solution for limited budget or space
Outline ultrasound scanner for quality imaging Separate imaging for extra value
Non-invasive and anesthesia-free Ensure patient safety and comfort
Digital archiving and acquisition system High-efficient data management

Shockwave Generator

Electromagnetic/electro-hydraulic generator ensures consistent delivery and reliable energy

Easy localization and qualified treatment ensure low re-visit rate

Comes with an optional hand-held mini shockwave source especially for ESWT treatment

Patient Table

An 8-direction motorized table which is perfect for ESWL treatment

Patient table can also be used as an operating table

Dual Mode Imaging

Dual-mode imaging using X-ray and optional ultrasound

Outline Ultrasound for accurate stone localization and continuous monitoring

Reliable digital archiving and acquisition system

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