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ESWL Laser

Holmium Laser system


Dual-insurance" Laser

Two cavities work design; two beams of laser can work together or separately.

When an error occurs in one beam output, the other one assures the operation

going smoothly.

Unique Sealing Techniques Patent

Built-in well-Boafed cavity: it is anti-ehock, anti-huniidfty, anti-durt, anti-interference

of electromagnetic wave, it ensures long-term steadyness of laser output and

lifespan of laser cavity.

Imported Core Accessories

Through EMC test, imported core accossorios enhance holmium laser output

stability and efficiency of transformation, which provides reliable security

assurance while assuring high power, super atability and long-term use.


Sound-mute Environment friendly Water Cooling System,

high efficiency, long time use

Super silence design with international advanced environment-friendly refrigerant,

and quick robust refrigeration technology speed up the refrigeration velocity,

assure cooling system long-temi steady running, without break, and guarantee

stable long time laser output.


0.1J step-length adjustment, wide-range alternative

Energy feedback of loop control system

Dynamic auto-monitor output power, duly compensate power change which is

influenced by water temperature and optical components in order to steady

output power at setting index.


Highest monoputee energy can achieve 4.5J and highest frequency is 40HZ,

which shortens operation time and increases surgery efficiency.


Color touch LCD with big screen, easy to manipulate

Clear direction light, blue and adjustable .

Varieties of optical fiber apedficatioiis:200µm, 275 µm, 365µm, 550µm, 600µm, 800µm, 1000µm

Intellectualized memory function, automatically resumes default setting, no need to set regularly.