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HV-300B Electrosurgical Generator

Intelligent Device System
The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the AHANVOS Electrosurgical Generator(diathermy)for us in the modern operating room, it features both monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all the surgeries demands with safety, flexibility, reliability and convenience.

Activation Option:
Designed to perform cutting and coagulation during surgical procedures, output activated by handswitch or Footswitch

REM(Return Electrode Monitoring
Return electrode (for Monopolar) with quality monitoring system(REM).

This REM system continually monitors patient impedance levels and deactivates the generator if a fault in the patient/return electrode contact is detected, at the same time with Audible and Visual Alarms

Automatic self-test
When switch on the machine, it will start automatically self-test routine prior to operation.

Monopolar Cut
-Multi Monopolar outlet, 3-pin (4mm) outlets and Laparoscopic Microphone head (4mm, 8mm ) outlet

Different effects for cutting modes , pure cut for fast tissue dissectioin, while blend cut with a slight coagulation effect.

Monopolar Coagulation
Different coagulation modes provides precise, moderate, enhanced, contactless coagulation effects

Possibility of argon plasma coagulation
Coagulation with Forceps for contact coagulation without sparking 

Compatible with other Equipment
Argon gas module.

Optimum Smoke Evacuation System
Multilanguage Available
Language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and etc. 

Application of Use
General Surgery; Thoracic surgery,

Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
Urologic surgery, Cerebral surgery,
Microsurgery, ENT surgery,
Trans Urethral Resection(TUR)and etc.
Machines are qualified by internationally recognized construction standards such as: CE, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001.

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